In the following pictures you can see what we have created at the last PDC in May or in last year workshops

Potatoes under straw, bigger, more and easier to harvest  

our Rocket Mass Heater in the living room

nice result, warm and very efficient 

totally old, and mostly rotten,, The big barn

tearing down the roof

the skelet 

a good sign ! 

it´s getting shape

We have a lot of animals and nature around
moving in.... from them self.

our milk and cheese factory

Pizza-party at the PDC1

building the Walipini PDC1

The Hay-Hotel, nice and cosy

Living in harmony with Nature

Tree house and Zip-line. For the Kids always fun

The place where Hobbits wants to live

still some work to do

the dome inside the Hobbit house

making Jam

one more Rocket Mass Heater for the Training center

In August 2016 we was the host for the Baltic Permaculture festival.  More than 100 people stay for the weekend and building with us our new summer kitchen. We had lessons and workshops in different kind of matters

Sauna house and hot tube

a local Latvian Folk group

Lessons, Workshop, seminars,
all the year around

building with cob


making Instruments

our Outdoor Toilette, very special after 2 Volunteers work for 4 days in and around it

sometimes it´s winter 

as you can see :   we like Onions 

we like camp fire. Sometimes small ....

...... sometimes big