Life changing fully certified PDC in 2 Languages (English / German)

Our PDC will be different form the other you can find in the Internet.
For sure we offer the fully certified 72 h.  We use the Permaculture Association core curriculum and make sure all aspects are covered. 
But we offer even more.
Want to learn how to design, install and manage farm scale permaculture systems?
Come and learn with internationally regarded experts and teachers in permaculture and regenerative agricultural design. The course is held in cooperation with the Swiss agency, “down to earth” ACADEMY for PERMACULTURE DESIGN. We are standing for a training that has been carefully crafted for those wanting to start farming themselves.
There will be a mixture of theory and hands on learning, indoor and a lot of outdoor sessions. 
We are not only focussing on Gardening and natural building, but as you can see in the pictures on our website we have already one Hobbit house and within the PDC we will work on the second or / and on the Walipini as we did in the Spring PDC
So if you want to gain how to make it all work for yourself, you've come to the right place.

An international certified PDC in Latvia, trained by Swiss teachers with more than 15 years permaculture experience. This we call networking.